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Craig Ramsay Seamlessly Pairs Exercise With Wine Tasting

Craig Ramsay Internationally known as one of the most entertaining fitness experts in the industry. Craig Ramsay’s approach to wellness is one of the most unique and effective ways of promoting health, movement, and self care, Colin Farrell called him genius and Sharon Osbourne said he is brilliant. Craig is listed as one of People Magazine’s top fitness experts.

Craig's first foray into television was Bravo's "Thintervention" where he co-hosted with Jackie Warner. Then again as the stand out gay couple on Bravo's international hit show "Newlyweds The First Year". His online series “5 minute workout anywhere” for Scripps Network gained him world wide recognition. Craig is often referred to in the press as the perfect blend of Richard Simmons and Jillian Michaels. He has also had a successful career on Broadway as one of the most well known "triple threats" and has appeared on sitcoms such as "2 Broke Girls", soap operas, plays and feature films. 

Author of the successful book "The Anatomy Of Stretching" Craig Ramsay, launched, Stretch A Reason To Wine, a healthy, unique and highly palatable way to entertain. SARTW has been featured on Craig's reality show "Newlyweds The First Year" on Bravo with "Real Housewives Of Orange County" housewife star, JeanaKeough. Stretch A Reason to Wine starts off with silky stretches and silky wines and moves toward more bold full body movements paired with bold full body red wines. There's no reason not to wine with friends when Craig makes stretching so entertaining. 





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